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Making it easier to share information

Medifusion's expertise lies in our understanding of multiple technologies and our ability to adapt and enhance systems to meet the needs of a modern NHS Trust.

We have a track record of software and system integration that enables you, the user, to implement the systems you want, integrating the software you need to share information in a way that suites your organisation.


+ Collaboration


+ Integration

  • Multipoint Video Conferencing and Collaboration Service
  • Remotely Control 3rd Party Systems - Eg. PACS, PAS
  • Share PACS, Digital Imaging, Reports and Notes
  • Record Summary or Entire Meeting
  • Secure N3 Connection over SSL
  • Digital Image Annotation
  • Multi-Trust Capability
  • Retain Data Currently Locked in Legacy Systems
  • One Way and Two Way Bespoke Interfaces
    (When the Integration Engine just can't do it)
  • Embed, Retain Or Mimic Legacy Functionality You Want To Keep In New Systems
  • Access Previously Locked-In Functionality/Data From Closed Systems

Watch this short presentation on the Medifusion MDT Manager and see just how easy
modern collaborative services can be used to assist your current processes


Enable Mobile Access
Access data via mobile devices and laptops...

Information Re-use
Share administrative and clinical data ...

Automatically share data between systems ...

Evolve Legacy Systems
Extend and improve functionality ...

Safe Clinical Handover
"Patient Monitor"; sharing clinical information, designed by clinicians ...